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“I have already served more than six years with Ner Yaakov. I think that I have a ‘calling’ to work with the Holocaust survivors. For me it is not only work, but I feel, this is the reason why I am in Israel. I connect the Holocaust victims also with the re-birth of Israel, and their home-coming to their own land. I will never really understand in depth all these terrible things, which happened to them in WWII, but I feel really privileged to help them now, here in Israel in their homeland... I am trying to give the survivors a “kind of family life,” like with the Shabbat meals or all the meetings.”
   Chana Kelman


“Many times I had to think about the Holocaust and the survivors and carried an unquietness in me. I so much wanted to „do something“  for them and I applied to become a volunteer at Ner Yaakov. I met many Holocaust survivors and the team of Ner Yaakov trained me patiently in the work, which has many variations. The work is actually very practical, but what is the most important for Inge and the team of  Ner Yaakov, is the personal relationship with the survivors the organization  is caring for. I saw how everyone was cared for with love and patience. We went for walks together, played games and had good conversations. It is beautiful that the holidays are celebrated together with the elderly survivors. I was blessed to be here during the Feast of Tabernacles. Together with the survivors we built the „Succa“ and afterwards sat in it and celebrated. Guests from different countries come to Ner Yaakov and they want to learn more about this work. The Holocaust survivors often share their  personal life stories and experiences at this gathering. Every one of them has a very personal story and the listening guests - like myself - are deeply touched and very sad about the terrible atrocities these elderly people had to go through in their  lives. Even strong men start to cry...! What really surprised me was, that none of the survivors I have met have rejected my work or me personally, - in spite of me being German! I have to admit...at the beginning I did think, that this might happen. But I experienced the opposite. Everyone accepted me and hosted me so nicely in their homes. It is a miracle of God, that these people have no hate or bitterness. I believe, that through the work of Ner Yaakov and through the many prayers of the organization‘s friends, our Lord has already brought a lot of healing to them. I really have to say: God has truly blessed me very much through my volunteer time with the Holocaust victims.   My inner unquietness has left me! 
Gabi Bauer


"What really surprised me as a German volunteer with Holocaust victims is, that they do not see me as 'a daughter of the perpetrators,' but simply as a ‘normal young person.’ I am learning so much from them!”
   Simone Speidel



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