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Practical Help for Holocaust Survivors

Ner Ya'akov provides "Practical Help" for the last living witnesses of the Holocaust in their private homes and wherever they need help. The volunteers accompany survivors to Hospital and Doctor appointments, clean their homes, help with their shopping and love to go to survivors homes and simply just visit them. Ner Ya'akov also helps with financial assistance when there is a very serious need.

In the whole of this work, it is the desire for reconciliation that should be expressed above all, in what we are doing.


"You send young people to Israel to volunteer. Here they meet the survivors and  see that we are "real" people.  They speak with us and receive the information from the source, the terrible truth, and we treat together the question: "Why?" All this is so important. They are in our homes and they do a good job. Some of these young volunteers already belong to the third generation after the Holocaust. I bless them! May you continue to work together with Israel and as long as we survivors live, please send many more volunteers, for our good and our future!"

Hospital and Doctor Appointments

The volunteers accompany the survivors on doctors visits and hospitals or for other necessary procedures and care for them during illness. This care is extended to Holocaust survivors in the Ner Yaakov home and also to survivors who still live in their own homes and private flats around the community.


Ner Yaakov team visiting and celebrating
the birthday of Sachar in the hospital


Simone brings a survivor
to the chemo - therapy

Help with house cleaning


"I have gone through a lot in my life. My family was killed in 1941, during the second world war. I am now eighty six years old and some time ago I had an accident. I fell down and broke my hip and arm. I went through an operation in  the hospital.  Since then I am not able to walk properly any- more, which I am finding very difficult. Sometimes I cry, because I thank God, that He has not for- gotten me and that He is sending me such lovely and caring people to help. They make sure that I don't get lonely and care for me in many ways, they help me materially and emotionally. I am moved to tears as I think about it. I am so grateful to God for the people He has sent."
(passed away)                                                                                                                                                    Chana

Help with shopping and other needs

The volunteers accompany survivors or go for them to the supermarket, farmers market or any store were they may need to purchase supplies.

The volunteers help the survivors with anything they can.


“Udo, he is my feet”, say’s Batja (Batja passed away)

Sarah receiving a pedicure
(Sarah passed away)

Private Home Visitations

Ner Yaakov is visiting survivors around the city and land.

“I heard for the first time about Ner Yaakov from my sister who lives in St. Peters- burg. She met Inge there. I am in need of help and have no children. Once a week a volunteer is coming to me, and that helps me in many ways. I  talk to the volunteers a bit and I do not feel so alone. I know that every week somebody will come to me and that makes me happy. I even leave my ‘Club for Elderly’ earlier, just to be in time to meet the volunteer.”                                                                                         

Helga visiting Raissa

“I am alone – but my family is now Ner Yaakov. This means a lot to me. If anything happens, I can always turn to Ner Yaakov. One cannot buy everything with money - we all need a warm word. It is real refreshing for me."
Julia Feuerman

  Chana visiting Shoshana


Financial Assistance

Ner Ya'akov provides financial assistance to the poor Holocaust survivors and their families, many of whom are existing on very meager resources.  This helps to cover medical and pharmaceutical costs as well as contributing to their rent.




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